I know what it means, looking sad when you think no one can see you…you look sad

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MYTHOLOGY MEME ~ [1/7] Norse Gods/Goddesses ~ Loki

…the Sly One, the Trickster, the Shape Changer, and the Sky Traveler (x)


Bhaizoned FORVER.




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Only one of you can ascend to the throne. But both of you were born to be kings!

In the first picture, Odin actually looks a bit happy.

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Thor: The Dark World (liveblog) [x]

So, I hate everything that has ever existed now, pretty much.  Thanks, movie.  Fuck feelings, what have they ever done for me!  Only bad things!

DEEP BREATHS.  I’m not sure how to even begin talking about this because it’s a lot like the end of the first movie, where I’m getting all worked up and emotional at Tom’s performance, it’s very touching, but it’s not waterworks for all that I think he’s brilliant at it.  It’s not until Chris’ face, every time, that I start tearing up, because he is so incredibly solid and good in this role that he can make me cry over this character.

Every little touch in this scene is perfection.  From the way Thor puts a hand on the back of Loki’s neck to support him and draw him closer to the way Thor comforts Loki, tells him that it’s all right, says in that heartbrokenly fond voice that, oh, Loki, you didn’t listen.  And it makes me think, how many times must Thor have told Loki to be careful? Because Loki would always be trying to prove himself, to be more like Thor, despite that it wasn’t his strength?  How many times would Loki get in over his head, get wounded in a way that was dangerous, because he didn’t listen to Thor telling him that it was dangerous and he should look out for himself better?  How many times did Thor go into protective big brother mode?  So many times Thor told him and now Loki didn’t listen and look what happened.

And Loki shaking and shivering, babbling out that he’s a fool, he’s a fool, that he’s sorry, he’s sorry, and Thor says it’s all right, he immediately pulls himself together for Loki’s sake, he’s strong enough to send Loki off in the right way in those last moments.  You can see how dearly he loves Loki, how this is the little brother that’s been by his side for a thousand years, this is his Loki in this moment, Thor sees him again and this is the Loki he knows.  This is Loki Odinson, to Thor’s eyes, for all that Loki didn’t do this for Odin, this is still the brother Thor had lost sight of.

You can see how much Thor loves him here, how Thor wants Loki to stay with him, how much this is his little brother and Thor doesn’t want to lose him to Kurse, too.  Not again, not just after their mother, not when he just found Loki again.

I keep thinking of just how long they’ve known each other, how the past two years are such a tiny, tiny fraction of their lives.  They’ve known each other for a thousand years.  I keep thinking of Selvig’s relationship with Jane, that he’s probably known her for, what?  Maybe 30 years, being generous? And look how protective he is over her, how much he cares about her and looks out for her.  Imagine that only more than thirty times that, knowing someone and loving them and having them in your life for that amount of time.

As much as Thor cares about other people, his new friends on Midgard, how much he cares about Jane, that can never be the same as someone he’s loved for a literal thousand years.  There’s so much history between them in this moment, so very much time, and yet it’s still only a tiny part of what their life spans should be.  Sometimes it seems like forever, that when you’ve known someone for 20 years, since you were both babies, but you’re supposed to know them for another 80 years, you’re supposed to have that time, because you know that you want every day with them in your life.

They were supposed to get 4,000 more years together, even if they had troubles, they would have figured it out.  Even now, they were working their shit out, Loki was coming around just a tiny bit, Thor had seen the brother he knew again, he sees him RIGHT HERE, this is the brother he knows, Loki is STILL IN THERE, but he’s dying and it wasn’t supposed to be now at all.

But Thor still holds strong for Loki, tries to comfort him in his last moments, he’ll tell father what Loki did here and how brave and noble he was, because it’s not just about their father’s approval, but about family, that Loki will be reconciled with all of them, that Loki will be part of them again.  That is why that line breaks my heart, because Thor is saying that Loki will be family again.  Because he’s trying to send Loki off as best he can, to give Loki the best death he can.

And Loki’s line, rejection of their father, but also opening up to how he did it for other reasons, so it doesn’t take away from that this is still the brother Loki knew, even if he’s changed somewhat.  I hold with the idea that Loki did it for Frigga—just as Thor offered it to him, vengeance for her—but I think there’s a lot of how it was indeed for Thor.

What would Thor tell Odin?  Loki died fighting Kurse.  Why did Loki fight Kurse?

For Thor.

His reasons are for Frigga and Thor both, because Loki does still love them and he is laid honest and open here, this was filmed as being entirely genuine, this was meant to be Loki’s redemption, even if later events change his fate, I still view it in that vein.  Loki thought he was dying, I don’t buy the theories that he planned this or faked his death, so his words here are the ones that he truly would say to Thor as his last.

And he’s sorry.

Now, excuse me, I have to go lay down in a puddle of my own tears.

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Kurse & Loki

Yeah, it’s long, I know, sorry not sorry and all that.  And, before I begin, I’ll be clear in that I know there is no answer to this.  We can’t possibly know how much was planned at the last minute, how much was edited in at the last second, and how much of an idea there was to explain Loki’s non-death that we’re just not seeing right here.  It’s possible they had an idea, it’s possible that they had zero idea and just said, “Fuck it!  He lives!  We’ll figure out how later!”, and it’s even entirely possible that they just wiggled their fingers and said, “He lives because of magic!  Reasons!”

Going down this road is entirely possible to just be an exercise in frustration because there may well be no answer at all possible, no matter how much you look at the details we’re given, and I entirely recognize that.

I’m going to do it anyway.

Okay, here’s my theory on what I think happened to Loki.  But first I want to establish a few shots of what happens when one becomes one of the Kursed—they have that stone that’s crushed in their hand or shoved inside them and they begin to burn up in the transformation.  We never really see what it does to their skin, because the two transformations we fully see, the person is wearing a mask.  With Algrim, we never really see what happens to him, we just see him as Kurse later.  We can see it does something to them, that it transforms them entirely, that the process gets under their skin and seems to burn.

When the renegade in the Asgard prison transforms, we see that he can lift two of the Einherjar guards and start burning them up from the inside just by touching their throats, which makes me think that just touching the Kursed skin is enough to start either transferring some of it or causing you to burn up as well.

Later, on Svartalfhim, we see Loki stab Kurse and there’s very definitely blood dripping out of him (as there was not when we saw Kurse with Frigga) and on the blade that he was run through with, the same one that then impales Loki.  Though, the first we see turning into that odd mottled skin is Loki’s right hand… which is the one that hooked the implosion bomb (or whatever it is) onto Kurse’s hip, which may be why that turns first—whether contact with Kurse’s skin or because he reaches out and gets blood on it first.

I think that’s what the mottling was about—the same thing we saw happening to the Einherjar guards in the dungeon, only on a much lower scale because they didn’t have the same amount of direct contact or what have you.

Which probably would have been left there, but, well, Loki has to survive Svartalfheim somehow, right?  The only theory with in-universe elements that I’ve been able to come up with so far is that maybe Kurse can burn people, but if you get some of his blood in you, it tries to go for the transformation instead, which Malekith notes will keep the person alive, pretty much no matter what, until they finally get used up.

If the Kurse blood being inside Loki (just like the stone gets inside the original person’s body) was enough to keep him alive just long enough to heal from that wound and then purge it from his system (whether via healing magic or he held on long enough to get back to Asgard to do it, whether before or after he confronts Odin, there’s a bit of time to work around whatever’s necessary) because it’s not a full transformation, there’s not enough of it to pull him all the way over, just enough that it keeps him alive/is killing him in a different way until he can fix it, then….

Then I can see a situation where Loki’s death scene was entirely honest, he genuinely thought he was dying, maybe he did die, but then came back through no plans of his own, just sheer dumb luck, and took the chance that was put before him.

I recognize that the answer is probably ultimately going to be, “Loki planned it!” or “Loki used magic to fake it when he saw his chance!” or something similar.  But *shrug* I do like this theory, too.

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I think the babies are trying to say something…

Abhishek and Aishwarya for TTK Prestige

lololol wtf Abhi that’s just not done :P

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